Feel the togetherness

Team Development caters to all types of teams that need to spend time learning about themselves, both as individuals and as a whole.

It alternates between time alone, pair walks, team exercises in smaller groups, and sharing dilemmas with sparring along the way. Typically, a course lasts 1-2 days, where there is time to immerse yourself in conversations, discussing dilemmas, hiking, and not least socializing, where there is not necessarily a tight agenda.

During a team development process, we apply systemic, philosophical and psychodynamic methods. Each participant is trained to ask investigative questions, be actively listening, and especially become clearer about himself and what she/he brings into the team through conscious and unconscious behavior.

Strong relations

The team typically achieves a closer and stronger relationship with each other. Participants become more aware of the differences that always prevail in a team. But by practicing active listening and recognizing each other's differences, a greater humility and respect for one another will grow and propagate in new and different ways afterwards.

We have recently organized team development courses for IKEA and Novo Nordisk.

Contact us - If you want guidance on a course for you.

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