Find your standpoint as a leader and human being

Walk to Explore is not skill development in the traditional sense. It is a philosophical and experience-based process that gives you insight into your core values and beliefs in a different and intense way. You become clearer about your personal and managerial standpoint, when you enter relationships and communities, professional as well as private.

Presence and conversation

Through facilitated activities and paired conversations with other leaders, you help create personal insights, new inspiration and learning - for yourself and the other participants. Along the way, you share your values and experiences as a human being and leader with the challenges and dilemmas that this entails.

On the trip we primarily work with two methods - Protreptik, value-based coaching, and Material Storytelling, tool for exploring silent knowledge. You learn the methods and can subsequently apply them in your everyday life.

All of it is combined with walking in scenic surroundings in an informal setting. The terrain is varied, but the hike takes place on well-groomed tracks and marked hiking trails. You walk three to four hours every day. The typical number of participants is 10-14.

What you are taking home

  • Specific tools to work with management and employees in a new way
  • Increased robustness in the face of resistance and tough decisions
  • Strength to create ownership and companionship in the organization
  • Greater personal serenity, calm and focus
  • More clear and credible personal communication
  • Inspiration for a more coaching and inspiring leadership
  • New relationships and network expansion

Lisbeth Wirgowitsch about our leadership hikes (only in Danish)

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