Lars Jørgensen, Stifter & Direktør, Waves Communications

Lars Jørgensen, Founder & CEO, Waves Communications

“I completed a 5 day walk to explore course in the Pyrenees. It was an amazing experience in many ways. Increased self-awareness, clarification of values, and above all peace, space, and time to find out what is important in both private and professional life. Highly recommendable. ”

Charlotte Siggaard, Director, Novo Nordisk

Charlotte Siggaard, Director, Novo Nordisk

“I came home from a Walk to Explore course in Portugal a few weeks ago, but the reflections are still alive. It's fascinating how conversations about managerial dilemmas, with people whom I have never met before, can trigger all kind of reflections.

It's hard to describe, but clearly noticeable, that the stories of others make me smarter, in respect to what I find important to prioritize - as a person and as a leader.”

Hans-Erik Nordby, Afdelingschef i Gjensidige

Hans-Erik Nordby, Head of Department at Gjensidige

“If you are looking for skills development in the traditional sense, you will look in vain if you participate in a Walk to Explore course. It is anything but that.

Namely intense, challenging, but above all incredibly enriching in terms of understanding oneself, understanding others, and not least being inspired by one's own and others' stories. Highly recommendable to anyone who wants to become clearer about themselves and their core values. ”

Pernille Hagild, HR Country Manager, IKEA Storbritannien

Pernille Hagild, HR Country Manager, IKEA UK

“I came from the Pyrenees with strong reflections on myself, my personal leadership and, not least, my way of entering into relationships with others. Highly recommendable to all leaders and non-executives."

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